Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Local Pub Beer Festivals

The lord Harrowby, Grantham has announced that they will be holding a Beer Festival from Thursday 23rd September until Sunday 26th September. From 12 noon. Come along and support a local pub that serves good quality Real Ales.

Beer List

Chapter Brewing, Taller Than A House, Pale, 3.9%

Chapter Brewing, The Hay Is Waiting, Pale, 3.6%

Arbor, Massive Azacc, Pale, 5.4%

Little Critters Brewing Company. Raspberry Blond, 4.5%

Wantsum Brewery, Harlequin, Single Hop IPA, 4.2%

Bristol Beer Factory, Fly Casual, IPA, 5.0%

Gun Brewery, Zamzama, strong Vegan IPA, 6.5%

Nomadic Beers, Strider, Best Bitter, 4.4%

Buxton Brewery, Right To Roam , Buxton Bitter, 3.8%

Hand Brew Co, Bird, Bitter, 4.2%

Swannay Brewery, Orkney Best, Pale Zesty Bitter, 3.6%

Shefford Brewery Co, Plum Mild, 3.8%

Newby Wyke Brewery, Black Gang (Stokers) Porter, 5.6%

Ashover Brewery, 1910 Porter, 5.0%

Big Smoke Brew Co, Underworld, Milk Stout, 5.0% (Unfined &Unfiltered)

Pig & Porter Brewing Co. Jumping Frog, Pale, 4.2%

Hand Brew Co, High 5, Oat Pale, 4.6%

Black Lodge, A Better Land, Pale Ale, 4.8%, (Unfined &Unfiltered)

Above list composed from pump clips shown on Lord Harrowby Facebook Page please forgive any errors but as far as I know this is a true list.